What Smaller Parties Are There In the UK?

UK Political PartiesMost people in the United Kingdom are not fully aware of the many different parties that are around in the country. These are parties that are responsible for many things like helping to determine new laws in the country, opening new driving schools and post offices and even regulating the standards that all driving schools are going to be utilized. 

Many people associate the UK government with the Liberal Democrats, Conservative and Unionist Party and the Labour Party. However, there are many smaller parties that focus on managing many parts of the UK. These are parties that do hold some control in the House of Commons even if they are minimal in size. 

Here is a good look at some of the many different smaller parties that may be found all around the UK: 

  • The Sinn Fein party is an Irish republican party that is mostly based out of Northern Ireland. The party focuses on the desire to unity the entire island of Ireland.
  • The UK Independence party is supportive of the UK breaking away from the rest of the European Union.
  • The Traditional Unionist Voice is a small party that is against the St Andrews Agreement, a policy used to control the political functions used in Northern Ireland.
  • The Respect Party is a socialist party that places an emphasis on anti-war activities.
  • The Plaid Cymru, or Party of Wales, is one that focuses on the desire for Wales to become independent from the rest of the UK.
  • The Scottish Green Party is a party that focuses on social justice and the concept of grass roots politics where the people are going to have more control over what the government does in general. This party favours Scottish independence and uses this as its key platform.
  • The Green Party of England and Wales is another such Green party in the UK. This is one that is more on the republican side of things. It wants to get rid of the concept of a monarchy and create the use of a head of state that is not from some hereditary line. This is especially with the intention of trying to keep the nation’s monarchy from having far too much power. 

UK partiesThere are many other smaller parties to take a look at when seeing how the UK works. These are all very different in terms of what they have to offer but this is just a sign of how varied the government in the UK can be. There is clearly a strong sense of variance in the government around the country based on the beliefs that many people hold. 

These are not going to be the most powerful parties in the United Kingdom’s political scene but they are all ones that are rather important for people to take a look at. These are parties that are strong in power and could really make a difference in terms of how everything in the UK from driving schools to tax laws can develop as time goes along.

Considerations About the Government in Myanmar

Myanmar, a country that was once known as Burma, has dealt with one of the most complicated governmental considerations over the last few years. It had been under the control of a military government for quite some time but it was not until 1990 when a new constitution was established to get rid of this rule. 

The thing about Myanmar is that it has been struggling to try and make itself open to the rest of the world. In addition, there are concerns over how the country is operating based on what people can and cannot do while in the country. There are even some rules relating to who can learn to drive and who is not allowed. 

Controls Over Elections Are Held

Myanmar-1The Myanmar government has allowed people to have free elections to determine who will represent them. However, there are concerns abound with regards to how people are able to manage different election processes based on the ways how election monitors are to come in. Some election monitors from outside countries have been denied visas to work in the country, thus making it so some countries may still try and cheat the system when it comes to allowing the government to stay active. 

More Parties Are Coming About 

An interesting part of the government is that more political parties have been set up in recent time. This is primarily because the country does not want to get in risk of being isolated even further than it already is. Still, the National League for Democracy has a very long way to go before it can try and compete with what is by far the most dominant party in the country, the Union Solidarity and Development Party. 

What About Liberties? 

There are concerns over how the Myanmar government has held some extreme limits over the civil liberties that people in the country are able to hold. The government has refused many people to receive commonplace rights for speech, religion and other activities. The government even has some strong limits with regards to what people in Myanmar can and cannot do when they are online. 

Are Trials Fair? 

A view of the third session of Upper House parliament meeting in NaypyitawWhile many British legal systems are still in placed in the national government, the judicial branch is not one that takes in the International Court of Justice standards for operating the system. As a result, there is no guarantee that people are going to be able to receive fair treatment in the courts. Some people will not get access to fair trials, thus making it rather harder for some people to receive the justice that many people are trying to receive in all sorts of forms. 

It is interesting as to how the government in Myanmar works. While it is true that the country is trying to make itself open to many others, its government still continues to hold a very firm grip over the country as a whole. This makes it one of the most difficult governments in the world for all to live in. It is one of the more troubling countries in the world in spite of the strides that it has tried to make in order to make its government more favourable.

The Communist Government Isn’t As Great As Many Think

The concept of the communist government had become rather widespread in the 1970s and 1980s as Russia and many other spots in eastern Europe and many countries in and around Africa had their own communist governments. However, the concept has faltered to the point where only a handful of countries are still in a communist state. Specifically, China, Vietnam, Laos and Cuba are communist countries while North Korea has held some communist values even if the country does not officially acknowledge them. 

The fact is that communism is not a great idea when it comes to running a government. There are many good reasons why this is the case. 

Limits Are Held In What People Can Do 

Communist_countriesThere are often cases where people are not going to be allowed to do certain things when living in the UK. In particular, some people are going to be forced into conditions where they cannot drive their cars or learn how to drive, for instance. It is an interesting concept that is worth exploring as some things people take for granted in the UK like learning how to drive are not going to be easily accessible to all in some countries that utilize communist practices. 

It Forces Living Standards 

Speaking of which, these governments are going to be rather restrictive. Communist governments often have control to the point where certain activities are limited. This in turn can harm the quality of life in a country. An example of this can be found in the late 1950s when farming was outlawed in China. This led to a massive famine, thus causing the country to reconsider the policy a few years after it was set up. 

No One Gets Rights 

Communist governments often force people into giving up their properties to others as land and entities are often redistributed. This is all done without the permission of anyone else. 

It Neglects Many People 

China National DayOne huge aspect of communism is that the concept of trying to establish some form of equality among all people often makes it so some crimes against humanity might be promoted as a means of trying to move a country forward. A great example of this can come from Khmer Rouge organization that held power in Cambodia. People who appeared to be intelligent or poor were often killed at random as a means of trying to maintain a balance in the community and to keep it from being at risk of serious threats. This was a real problem that made it so life under communist rule would be anything but positive. 

The Class Struggle Isn’t Resolved 

Communism was established as a governmental concept designed to stop the class struggle. However, there is a huge flaw in this thinking. There is still a class struggle of sorts in that the people in the government are going to end up having more control over the rest of the world. 

In summary, the communist government is not all that great for people to explore. It is a part of the concept of running a government that is clearly not going to be worthwhile and is something that is often going to be a threat to the world.