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Yellow Dog Democrat History Here is our playful take on the many variations of the Democrat Dog... or is it ... Democrat Dawg?

Rabid Yeller Dawg
 This breed of Democrat Dog is the Staunchest of all! Although their numbers are relatively small, the Rabid Yeller Dawg continues to thrive,  Their stronghold originated and remains in the deeper southern regions of The United States. Rabids rarely socialize with Blue Dogs/Dawgs as Rabids deem them as having a diluted and blurred committment to their Democratic heritage. Rabids metamorphose when they debate Politics. They will often foam at the mouth, bare their teeth and fight tooth and nail when they confront opposing points of view.
Yeller Dawg
The Yeller Dawg is the oldest of the American Democrat Dog breed. Yeller Dawgs are vigorous, keen Democrats with hardy constitutions and absolutely no interest in any other party or viewpoints that sway from the traditional Democratic platform. The Yeller Dawg's reputation as a coarse, unswerving, loyalist has not helped this breed to win any popularity contests. A remarkable feature of this pure bred is its ability to shed any and all Dem Bashing simply with a good wag of the tail. The Yeller Dawg's stronghold continues to remain in the deep south. Ole Yeller shines as one of the finest of examples of this proud breed.
Yellow Dawg
 This variation continues to evolve due to our society's ever changing culture and political points of view. The coloring of the Yellow Dawg is traditional for this breed and it is barely distinguishable from the original, Yeller Dawg. Yellow Dawgs are just as loyal, yet they seem to be some what more receptive to those other variations of the Dem Dog that maintain other points of view. This breed flourishes along the outskirts of Our Country's southern regions with some packs spreading upwards to the North, East and West. This breed would certainly vote for a Yellow Dog for President, if one were nominated by the Party, to oppose any and all Republicans.
Yellow Dog
 The Yellow Dog is the present-day version and direct descendant of the Yellow Dawg. Although early documents suggest that Yellow Dogs may have been known to exist as early as the late 19th century, the term Yellow Dog did not come into popular use until 1928. (see the History of the Yellow Dog). The Yellow Dog can be any shade from yellow to the richest tawney, although the palest cream is also acceptable. These handsome and popular dogs have established themselves by helping to maintain the heritage of the Democratic Party. They are dignified, stylish workers with a gift for recruiting new Yellow Dog blood in a gently persuasive manner. At the same time, they are the principal breed trained to reel moderate Blue Dogs back toward the traditional values of the Democrat Party. Their good-tempered and kindly nature made them ideal as the Friend and Guardian of The Democratic Party.
Yellow Pup
 The Yellow Pup Democrat is, simply, the offspring of a Yellow Dog Democrat couple or one who is newly recruited into the Democratic Party as a Yellow Dog or one of its many variations. As their name suggests they are quite youthful and very energetic. As political novices, they are eager to please their party, but they are still relatively inexperienced in matters of how politics are to be played. 
Double Dawg
The Double Dawg Democrat is a recent phenomenon. They are classified by who they partner with in life, work and political cause. For example: today, it is not uncommon for a Yellow Dog Democrat to couple with a Blue Dog Democrat or vice-versa.
Blue Dog
The Blue Dog, with its medium build and distinctive blue coloration, is becoming more and more popular. Its role as a moderate is almost overlooked. The Blue Dog's kindly nature makes it invaluable for retrieving Democratic support from the general population. Because the Blue Dog is a relatively new breed, it has taken some time to become established on a national level. The Blue Dog's versatility is such that it works as a fund raising dog, a liaison dog, and the breed of choice of countless Democrats across the country. Blue Dogs are  evenly tempered, always exuding a great sense of fun! Although Blue Dogs seemingly swerve in their loyalty to their Party- they are still Democrats at heart. It has been said that the extreme views of the Yeller Dawg has choked these Dem Dogs Blue. See History of the Yellow Dog Democrat.
 Blue Dawg

 The Blue Dawg is the sibling to the Blue Dog. They share all of the primary characteristics. The only true differentiator is their preference of where their pack resides. Blue Dawg packs gravitate toward the southern region of the country.  Like their Blue Dog siblings- these Dawgs are noted for their fun loving personality.
Blue Pup
Blue Pups are the offspring of Blue Dawg/Dog couples. Blue Pups are highly energetic and eager to get involved in Politics. They are eager to serve their Party and community by encouraging open forums on the issues that affect our nation. Blue Pups have no difficulty exchanging ideas with those of other breeds or parties (something unheard of in the case of the Yeller Dawgs). Our ever changing society seems responsible for the evolution of the Blue Pup breed.

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